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Instructed By Tyler Best       


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2015 Spring ROSTERS and



 MyScoutDay Baseball Organization creates a culture of achievement with a specific tempo & design that address both the skill and ability of each player.  Your beliefs lead your direction.  If you want to see results in your player you have to find programs/organizations that are bought into developing athletes through competitive practices/lessons/game structure.  When our players commit to their MSD training/homework  Monday-Friday, the results on their test (games) Sat/Sunday is predictable.  Baseball players DO NOT get any better just playing games!!! The games are the tests and our MyScoutDay training over prepares our athletes for the games/tests so the player/parent should expect the proper performance.  MSD programs believe Performance = PotentialInterference.  Thus, The player/parent have to commit to the program regiment and disregard all of the distractions getting them to their peak performance.  If players want to improve their skills they have to measure it somehow.  MyScoutDay measures each and every Lesson/ Practice with captured video and tempo velocity maintaining and increasing skill performance.  Our training regiments are cycled into dynamic specific sessions that integrate the 5 tools (Hitting for Average, Hitting for Power, Arm Strength, Fielding and Speed) that high schools, colleges and professional scouts pursue.  These tools are critical components of an individual player’s make-up as a baseball prospect.  Tyler Best, MyScoutDay owner, is certified and a complete teacher of the game with (5) College National Championships coach/player and over 50 players that have signed MLB professionally to play.  MSD is committed to your baseball playing career pursuit.



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